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  • While the Economics of Religion is an established branch of research in the US, European researchers are few and so is work and literature on Europe or single European countries.
  • The idea of initiating a network was first discussed by Pablo Braņas-Garza from Granada University and Guido Heineck from Nuremberg University at the annual ASREC conference, November 2005.
  • Soon after, the NORFACE Call for Outline Proposals to the research programme "Re-emergence of religion as a social force in Europe" backed up the necessity to bring together European or Europe based researchers in this field.
  • Eventually, ENER was initiated January 2006 with a first mailing to potentially interested scholars (see <Associates>).
  • A Working Paper Series was implemented in February 2006 (see <PER WP Series>).
  • The first ENER Workshop took place at the University of Granada, November 16-17, 2007.